Meike 50mm f1.8 Camera Lens (Boxed)

It happens to the best of us, no one expects but it affects everyone! You've got to your shoot, set up and only then you realise you've accidentally knocked your shutter button off... 'Doh!'.
I learnt this lesson the hard way. Whilst I was still able to shoot, having a spare would have made it far more comfortable. I had to compromise, using just the flat surface with a threaded hole as an shutter button - far from ideal. 
The advice I wish to give is to carry a spare within your camera bag, put it with your SD cards or lens wipes but know where it is so when the inevitable occurs, you know you're going to get through your shoot as thought you'd never lost it. Hey, you never know, but maybe it'll show up in the bottom of your bag when you return home?!

To sign this short blog off, I'll leave a few links to the shutter button I like; simple, concaved, metal and black!

Here's the button I use, but you can find this universal fit shutter button comes in a variety of colours and finishes!
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